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Wildwood Tarot

March 13th, 2011

Illustration by Will Worthington from The Wildwood Tarot


In April a stunning new deck is released – The Wildwood Tarot – created by long-standing expert in Celtic traditions John Matthews, and film actor Mark Ryan, and illustrated by the wonderfully talented Will Worthington, who illustrated The DruidCraft Tarot and The Druid Plant and Animal Oracles. It looks fantastic. Take a peek at a slide show of the cards and pre-order a signed edition here. Publication is in April. And now I have to reluctantly part with my review copy to hand on to the Touchstone reviewer… But here you can see a picture of one of the cards – The Seer.

5 Responses to “Wildwood Tarot”

  1. Hello Phillip! What a beautiful set indeed – and one I look forward to purchasing. I was brought to your site by Drui-en today who cunningly separated, unbeknown to me from my Druid Animal Oracle set and reappeared in my dustbin at a rather interesting time…. to get to the point – I am a metaphysician who has been working with a pagan witch (not actively practicing, but in her heart she is one) on finding the messages of our African animals. The work is called “Invoke Africa” and has been growing for the last 7 years. We have so far had a positive response from Hay House – but the timing was bad as they had just completed a big run on book and card sets. Could you give us a pointer towards a publisher and if not, at least a printer who would print the cards as so far, in South Africa, we have drawn a blank. It’s been lovely visiting the Druid’s nest and be sure I’ll pop around again!

  2. I picked up this deck when I was visiting my parents in Tennessee over the weekend and was excited when I realized that Mark Ryan played Nasir in the old Robin of Sherwood series!

  3. I found this deck via Cygnus books a couple of weeks ago and just got it – really excellent, and the meanings are clearly written in very accesible language. The linking to the wheel of the year adds extra dimensions and great for meditating on links.

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