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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

Wild Women Autumn Gathering – ‘Touching the Earth’

September 28th, 2019

There is still time to book your place on the fabulous Wild Women Retreat Autumn Gathering! Details below:

This November, join the Wild Women Retreats sisterhood and deep-feminine activist Rooh Star to get earthy. In the evening of the year, energy returns to the hidden places – where it continues to nourish and transform from the depths. At this time we choose to honour the ground, our planet, and the cycles that sustain us.

Through songs, soil, celebration, and ceremony we will share a day of connection with spirit, self and community.

Tickets are £50 per person and include welcome refreshments, and a percentage of ticket sales is donated to the Bursary Fund. To get yours, contact us at

We are thrilled to welcome ‘The Hobbit Priestess’ Rooh Star as our special guest. Rooh says…

“To my wild women sisters , a little about myself………I’m a hedge dweller, living on the wild edges, living in community , in (mostly) self built Hobbity homes. I’ve turned aside from the well worn path and found my own way, a way blessed by nettles and silvery mugwort, ancient oak trees and blooming hawthorns. This path has taken me wandering through England with a handcart, dedicating myself to Love and the Earth, tickling riot cops with feather dusters, starting an off grid community, defying a judge and getting sent to Holloway prison, building a turf roof roundhouse and living in a cider barrel. All the while I’ve been unpicking the bad spell of patriarchy that winds through my body, patching back together the pieces of my tattered heart and remembering how to love myself and my woman’s body.
At present I’m living in a small low impact community in South Devon, dreaming of more travelling adventures and learning how to pull a wagon with my handsome moustached pony Winston. Along my way I’ve been writing songs , for pleasure , for medicine and for remembering. I’m excited to be sharing some of these songs with you, along with tales from my journey.’