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Why are Druids so Unruly? Tea with a Druid 21

May 3rd, 2018

I had to be in the beautiful county of Dorset on Monday so asked our former Press Officer Matt McCabe to broadcast a ‘Tea with a Druid’ session. Despite clear instructions to drink only tea, Matt brought in a beer. When I asked Damh the Bard to do the same, he drank a coffee. Aren’t Druids great! They refuse to conform – even to the simplest instructions. When I trained with a child psychotherapist she had a catch-phrase ‘Disobedience is Divine’….
Matt lost his broadband connection and had to re-start – hence the two parts. There’s some pixellation too, but the audio is fine. The stone circle pictured above is a modern stone circle in Oxfordshire, at the home of the Order’s Patroness, Dwina Gibb, which aptly illustrates Matt’s point about continuity of tradition.

4 Responses to “Why are Druids so Unruly? Tea with a Druid 21”

  1. I love that you all are such individuals! LOVE IT! And it displays ya’ll marvelous sense of humor! Marvelous!

  2. Reverence and Mirth, the order in all its beverage diversity, really is the gift that keeps on giving 💚 xx

  3. One does not need to be a Druid or follow any set path to be rebellious! I have always been so, which at times seemed to be to my detriment, then other times it was to my advantage. What ever, I learnt by it, so did others. My individuality has always served me well, though, even if it took some years to manifest as a service to myself and others. Love to all, Margaret, a rebellious Aquarian!

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