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Whisper of the Stones with Ronald Hutton + Guests

April 7th, 2022

Odditorium and Stone Club presents an evening celebrating and exploring the rich neolithic history and stories of our henges and monoliths, ending with a disco of stoned love!
Plus a unique stone circle walk in Brighton on the day with Stone Club’s Matthew, Lally and David.

A talk by Professor Ronald Hutton about the most famous prehistoric monument in the world, and the most visually iconic! Ronald will explore different ways in which the monument has been interpreted over the past thousand years, and what these tell us about human nature, and changing cultural fashions. He’ll also share the most recent archaeological discoveries in and around the stones, and how these have altered our sense of its relationship to its landscape, to other monuments, and to the people who erected those.

Brighton’s Stones
Archeologist Dr Matt Pope explores the truth and fiction behind Brighton’s old stones of the Old Steine, the dolmen of St Nicholas’s Church and Hove’s Goldstone.

Children of the Stones
With help and hindrance from Julian Cope, Stewart Lee, a Seventies TV series and the National Trust, David Bramwell will be going in search of Avebury’s missing stone and a terrifying children’s TV series.

Living Stones 
Inspired by Ithell Colquhoun’s ‘The Living Stones’; artists and authors Lally Macbeth & Matthew Shaw will take you on a journey through poetry, field recordings, Cornish dialect and the howling wind to the centre of West Penwith in Cornwall; a mysterious, wild and ancient place. A place where stones dance, carns howl, and quoits whisper.

Ten Ways to Get to Know a Stone
Fiona Robertson is a megalith enthusiast and publisher of Watkins. In this talk she will look at some of the possibilities for interacting with and trying to understand standing stones (in as much as they can be understood at all), and bring in some of her favourite sites.

Melanie Xulu (founder MOOF magazine) will be hitting the decks and djing her eclectic mix of psychedelic and underground vinyl.
Event Details
From Wed 25 May 2022, 8:30PM to Thu 26 May 2022, 12:00AM
Bosco Theater, Old Steine Gardens, BN1 1NH
Tickets £15
To book your ticket click here. 

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