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" If the world is a tree,

we are the blossoms "


Weeds in the Heart

February 10th, 2017

We were blessed to receive a stunning podcast gift from talented artist Fiona Owens. She sent a copy of her latest beautiful book Weeds In the Heart created with herbalist Nathaniel Hughes. It is the second in a series that begun with Intuitive Herbalism and both are illustrated with Fiona’s gorgeous artwork. Nathaniel and Fiona’s approach to plants is very much in keeping with Druid practice and anyone on a Druid path would find much to inspire them in these fabulous books.

Nathaniel and Fiona focus on building relationships with plants as a way to wisdom and healing. On the book website there is a section where they explore six key stages in building such a relationship:

* Clarifying your intention and taking your authentic self into the meeting
* Walking with openness and invitation
* Experiencing a sense of attraction or draw to a plant
* Stepping into that attraction
* Being with the plant
* Stepping out of the relationship with gratitude


Click here to listen to a short talk exploring in more depth each of these stages. I highly recommend these fabulous books for both their beauty and wisdom!

3 Responses to “Weeds in the Heart”

  1. Thank you, for the book on bringing more magic into my life! I am grateful to read it and act upon it

  2. thank you for this message full of wisdom I am happy we can share about our connection with plants

  3. I’ve just received my copy of Intuitive Herbalism, which I ordered as a result of reading this article – best to start with book 1 I thought. It’s a delight – both the text and illustrations (as well as beautifully wrapped!) There is a feeling of real love that flows from the book both for the plants and for the care in presentation. It feels like a precious work of art and I’m very grateful to have been pointed this way. Thank you.

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