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Black Elk

We all secretly want to be Hobbits

October 10th, 2007

Speak for yourself you might say! The camper amongst us might want to be elves, a few of us – on an off day – might feel like being an orc, and no-one wants hairy feet, but what I mean is that the Shire represents an idyllic pastoral setting which a lot of us would like to live in. Snuggled close to the earth, surrounded by trees and greenery and yet also in a village setting so that we can share our lives with others.

That’s why the Lammas Project is so appealing – it’s a projected eco-village in Pembrokeshire that will look rather like Hobbiton. They’ve got a  good website with a great deal of detail in it – including downloadable pdfs of their plans and so on. If you root around you’ll find you can watch movies about it too. Yesterday they found out that their planning application had been refused, despite all the work they’d done. But they’re applying again. May their dream be realised! Have a look at the dream here!

5 Responses to “We all secretly want to be Hobbits”

  1. I’ve just heard that Eric Maddern who runs Cae Mabon – similarly hobbit-like and also in Wales has received planning permission.
    Hurrah! There is hope for the Lammas Project!

  2. I openly want to be a strange mix of Elf and Hobbit. I’ve never been shy about this fact. Blending the artistry and healing abilities of Tolkien’s Elves with the sturdy, reliable, and food-loving of a Hobbit seems a worthwhile goal for me. Maybe I just want to be Bilbo and retire in Rivendell after a long life embracing good cheer, good beer, and good tilled earth. I wish the Lammas Project much luck.

  3. somehow I doubt I’d pass for an elf or hobbit, orc, hmm maybe if i was short I might pass for a dworve

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