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Waking Life

April 4th, 2010

Has anyone seen this? My grandson in New Zealand says it’s really thought-provoking and he loves it. Here is the trailer:

3 Responses to “Waking Life”

  1. Yes, it is a wonderfull movie to watch and watch again and to discuss with friends. Actually the movie is about lucid dreaming. Anyone wanting to learn more about lucid dreaming can join Tim Post on
    (nothing druid about this, pure science) He showed me the movie some time ago.

  2. I’ve seen the first half of this in a philosophy class and it was a really great movie. I really like the scene with the anarchists.

  3. WAKING LIFE is a fine film; not really funny but one you smile through continually; all those DEEP conversations whch made sense when you were in college and still do. Inspired by the director’s obvious love of Philip K. Dick, Linklater went on to a better, more tragic vision with Dick’s A SCANNER DARKLY (with Keanu Reaves & Robert Downey Jr.), another great film, but both are in this photo-animation process, rotoscope, which not always appeals to everyone…

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