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Vietnam Reunion

May 20th, 2010

I will never forget that image of a young girl fleeing a napalm attack that appeared when I was a teenager during the Vietnam war. Recently the BBC reunited her with the ITN journalist who helped to save her:

From The BBC site:

Kim Phuc, the girl in one of the unforgettable images of the Vietnam War, has been reunited for a BBC radio programme with Christopher Wain, the ITN correspondent who helped save her life 38 years ago.

When Chris last saw Kim, she was lying on a hospital bed with third-degree burns to more than half of her body, after a South Vietnamese napalm bomb attack.

It was 8 June 1972 and Chris and his crew had been in Vietnam for seven weeks, covering the conflict for ITN…

A comment on this item reads:

Whenever I hear reference to Vietnam, it is that picture that immediately springs to mind. It is this picture that symbolises how it is always the innocent that suffer. But, thanks to Christopher Wain, and many more like him, some faith in humanity is restored.
Jill Brennan, Snodland, Kent, UK

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