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Venera Gimadieva – A Soprano with an Exquisite Voice

August 7th, 2014

I’ve only ever made one prediction on this blog and if anyone had put money on it they would now be seriously wealthy. I heard a local Brighton band called Rizzle Kicks and predicted they would make it big and within a few months they had shot into the stratosphere. This video of one of their songs has had 15 million downloads:

Venera Gimadieva

Venera Gimadieva

Here’s the second prediction! Stephanie and I saw a production of La Traviata at Glyndebourne last night and were entranced by the voice of Venera Gimadieva. The most beautiful, powerful song flowed from her effortlessly it seemed. Listening to her was like bathing in crystal clear water. You don’t have to be psychic to predict she will achieve incredible success! Here she is:

2 Responses to “Venera Gimadieva – A Soprano with an Exquisite Voice”

  1. So nice not to have that universal ‘plumminess’ in parts like that. Beautiful. Reminds me of Emma Kirkby.

  2. I also saw Venera Gimadieva at Glyndebourne – she was exceptional – the most exciting soprano I have seen in any opera.

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