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TreeStory ~ The Dancer in the Canopy

January 14th, 2016

Each month film maker Ward Serrill and producer Sophie Jane Mortimer release a new mini-documentary about and for people who love trees. Journey high up in the canopy of the Olympic Rainforest with biologist Dr. Nalini Nadkarni in the second instalment of the TreeStory web series. Please visit the website to find ways you can support this fabulous project.

One Response to “TreeStory ~ The Dancer in the Canopy”

  1. Thank you from my heart for the documentary. I’ve I have always loved trees and I see them as beings that hold the earth together on so many levels. The roots go down into the earth around rocks and down into the water only to rise up again. They hold life and give so much more. I spent hours sitting in the woods just sitting with them. Yes, it is the indifference to these beautiful beings that is hard to take and to the lack of understanding of the purpose of trees. So from my heart thank you for the making of this documentary !!!!

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