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not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

Trees for Life – 25th Anniversary Appeal.

April 29th, 2014

Trees for Life are celebrating their 25th year of working to restore the Caledonian Forest. They are marking this with a new appeal. Below you can read a little about their current aims and find a link to their website and information on how you can donate. Many OBOD members have contributed trees via Trees for Life to our 50th Anniversary Grove. Trees for Life are a wonderful organisation who have achieved much over their 25 years – long may this continue!

In the summer of 1989 I took our first group of volunteers to protect Scots pine seedlings in Glen Cannich. The following year, we protected 100,000 pine seedlings in Glen Affric with our first fence, and in 1991 we planted 8,000 trees further west in the glen. Like those first trees, the organisation that I launched in 1989 has grown strongly over the last 25 years.

Now, more than a million trees and 5,000 volunteers later, we’re ready to grow again. Please support us in this by making a donation to our special 25th anniversary appeal today.

Despite the success of our work to date, the need to do more has never been greater. A report just released in February demonstrates that 86% of Caledonian pinewoods are still at risk because of overgrazing by deer. Against that background, we’re using the occasion of our 25th anniversary to launch an ambitious expansion of our work in both its scope and extent.

Help us to expand our work!

We’re making a strategic move at this critical time to expand beyond our traditional Project Area west of Inverness into other parts of the Highlands, where there is a clear need for more action to restore the Caledonian Forest.

During the past 25 years we’ve focused almost exclusively on the first part of our name, ie the trees. Now, however, with young forests growing again, the time is right to make us truly ‘Trees for Life’ by developing new projects for some of the other life in the forest, such as the pine marten, red squirrel and wood ants.

These new initiatives will be in addition to our ongoing work, so to make this leap forward we’re launching a special 25th anniversary appeal to raise £25,000. It’s an ambitious target, but I hope you will be as inspired about the potential for growth as we are, and give generously to make 2014 a breakthrough year for Trees for Life.

By giving a donation for our 25th anniversary appeal, you can help to launch Trees for Life into another 25 years of inspiring and ground-breaking forest restoration work… To read more and donate click here