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The Toxic Infrastructure Bill

December 3rd, 2014

frack offAn alarming flier from the folks at  ‘Frack-Free Mayfield and Five Ashes ‘ about the disastrous Infrastructure Bill. The Bill has serious implications for all our communities…

Do You Want To Live Above A Toxic Waste Dump?

No? Then you need to act fast. The government is pushing through a new law, known as The Infrastructure Bill, that will allow companies to store ANY waste below ground ANY where. They seem to think that just because it will be below 300metres that’s ok. It is not. It could it never be ok to put ANY – and that could mean toxic chemicals or even radio-active – waste into the ground ANY where in the UK. The structure of the rock beneath our country is highly faulted – that means that there are folds of different types of rock, some porous, some fissured and many containing water which finds its way to the surface through natural springs or pumping. East Sussex and Kent’s water supply is 70% from underground sources. There is no possible guarantee that injected waste will not find it’s way into our drinking water. And there’s no guarantee that a waste permit from the Environment Agency will prevent the dumping of hazardous waste. Even if you are not normally concerned about the environment, you have to be worried about this! There are further clauses in the proposed bill that would allow all public land to be sold by the government for development with the ancient rights of way – our public footpaths – removed. Another clause will make it the law to maximise the exploitation of shale gas and coal seams wherever they are. At a time when the United Nations has stated that unless we leave the remaining fossil fuels in the ground we will experience catastrophic climate change. Yet another that the land under your home can be fracked without your permission. There’s even a clause that gives the potential go-ahead to exterminate barn owls, goshawks, wild boar and a great many other species not deemed as ‘native’. The potential damage to our environment would be irreversible. PLEASE ACT NOW to protect Britain from this potential catastrophe. To have your voice heard……
Write to your MP
Write to the Environment Minister:
The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss, MP
Defra, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London SW1P 3JR
Phone: 00345 9 33 55 77
Write /phone your local newspaper, national newspapers and TV and insist this is given coverage. The public have a right to know about the laws their government is creating and how they will affect them.
BBC: Email:
Text: 61124
Phone: 0370 010 0222
Write to public figures asking for their support. It’s always best to use your own words, but to save you time we have put some letter suggestions on our website. Go to and follow the links to the INFRASTRUCTURE BILL page.
Or email us at info@frackfreemayfieldandfiveashes with any queries. Facebook or Twitter users: search for Frack Free Mayfield and follow us for
regular updates. You could also register with our Residents’ Association to add your name to the hundreds of local residents who are determined that shale exploitation should not happen here. Just go to our website or call 01435 874849.

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  1. And I thought we had idiotic, irresponsible politicians here in the States. This must be defeated. Luck to you.

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