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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


In a Topsy-Turvy World…

November 26th, 2016

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
~ Voltaire

'Delusion Dwellers' by Laurie Lipton

‘Delusion Dwellers’ by Laurie Lipton

One Response to “In a Topsy-Turvy World…”

  1. Max Igan has a great site: The Crowhouse. He’s one of the grim, brave watchdogs. But for me it’s important to meet the ugly delusion with beautiful comparative realities/truths/mythologies too. I spent twenty years painting in reaction to the horrors meted out on Earth. Then I met a man who told me we manifest our own reality. I said I’d heard that before. He said “Yes, but if you follow that line of thought: you are killing the whales”. So now, with inspiration from my Bardic course with OBOD, I’m painting the garden rather than the warscape; Nature and Humanity unseparated. Doesn’t mean putting head in the sand but transmuting the ugly separatist world ‘they’ want us to swallow and presenting it back to the system as leaves, flowers, trees, colour, connection, feeling…

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