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Time to Boycott the Olympics?

March 16th, 2008

With the Chinese killing Tibetan protestors in Lhasa isn’t it time the rest of the world made a stand for Human Rights and boycotted the Olympics? Tough on the sports people, but why not relocate to a country with a good human rights record?

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3 Responses to “Time to Boycott the Olympics?”

  1. Thank You, Philip,
    For saying the economically uncorrect thing that someone needed to say! I’ve never understood, when it was so clear that boycotting South Africa brought an end to apartheid, we insist that giving all our money to China will somehow change its regime’s behavior.

    The Tibetans are now a minority underclass in their own country and the world has stood by and let it happen. And human rights are in no better state in the rest of China.

    We have allowed China to become the 400 pound gorilla, who sits wherever he pleases.


  2. I couldn’t understand why they won the Olympics in the first place, given that they were occupying Tibet.

    No one gives a tinker’s cuss about Tibet in the world – it’s not rich in oil or gold. So what do we do? We turn a blind eye to the suffering of a nation because it suits us to be in bed with China (Dragon Economy etc)

    We’ve asked sportsmen and women to boycott events for less than this, I agree: Boycott Bejing.


  3. This is soooo important. The true news is not getting out. The truth is that hundreds of people are being brutely killed by the Chinese for just going onto the streets! More than one hundred were killed on Friday alone. There is a small source of direct true news given to individuals, and I know someone who is personally getting this news. Its more horriffic than we are told (surprise surprise !)
    The Chinese are like nightmare robots the way they are treating the Tibetans.
    What other way can the world make its message known towards China, who has separated itself from the rest of the world the way it has?
    I keep thinking that there must be bigger picture here that is hard to fathom. How can we all contribute to the bigger picture turning out for the good of all… For the love of human life, for the redemption of fear and insecurity, for the forgiveness of all us humans behaving so nastily towards our fellow human brothers and sisters?
    I am feeling this Tibetan/Chinese crisis in every atom of my body right now. The average Chinese citizen seems to be ignorant of what their country is doing in Tibet.
    There are chinks in the tight lipped system of secrecy and lies from China, the truth is being told, and its very painful to receive. What can be done with a feeling of helplessness, what can we all do? No one is separate here. I feel so strongly about this. Love and fear are in a war here, inside and outside ourselves and the whole.

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