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The Work You Were Born to Do – An Interview with Nick Williams

December 6th, 2018

Guy from Switzerland emailed me the other day and suggested a topic for exploration: how can we find work that allows us to express our spirituality? More and more people, he wrote, aren’t satisfied with an ordinary career in a conventional job, they want to do something meaningful. I immediately thought of the expert in this field – Nick Williams, author of The Work We Were Born To Do. Nick is a warm and accessible writer and speaker, who has spent most of his working life teaching on this subject and on leadership coaching. We met up in a restaurant just by the Tower of London recently and I recorded our conversation. Nick offers great insights into how we can be more fully ourselves in whatever work we do. After listening to the interview, have a look at his website:

In our conversation Nick mentions how much the enneagram model of personality has helped him. You can take a free online test using this method at and a more in-depth test, for a fee, is available from The Enneagram Institute. Their pages here give detailed descriptions of each of the nine types.

Towards the end of our conversation Nick mentions his work with Liz Trubridge, the producer of the Downton Abbey series. You can find the details of their work together ‘Leading with Love’ here.

Nick finishes by saying he’d be happy to hear from listeners to our conversation. His email is:

Enjoy the talk!

One Response to “The Work You Were Born to Do – An Interview with Nick Williams”

  1. Really interesting chat – thank you. I’ve always struggled with this as I really don’t like how the ‘working world’ works – the whole corporate money making thing goes against every fibre in me and yet we have to make money to live. It seems the working world has changed so much over the last 20 years – its not a place I feel comfy in anymore so I’m having a year out and giving writing a novel a go… A little writng adventure before the return to the ‘real world’ 🙂

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