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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


The Wider Sun

November 3rd, 2016
Photo from "Wild Guide Scotland"

Photo from “Wild Guide Scotland”

Another proud parent moment! Our daughter Sophia has been inspired to write a very moving story that is – in her words – ‘about a friendship between two children, set against the backdrop of rural Scotland. It explores family, friendship, love and loss. It’s a coming of age tale that combines Celtic mythology and harsh realism.’

It’s easy for our interest in all things Druid and Celtic to become overly romantic, escapist, or just plain fantasy, so it’s great to see the inspiration our children have imbibed (consciously and unconsciously) over the years informing a tale that is grounded in very real events and experiences: ‘harsh realism’ as Sophie calls it.

Sophie wants to make a film of the story and has started a Kickstarter campaign – do have a look at the short film you’ll find on the campaign page here.

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