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The Traitor’s Child

June 1st, 2020

Many of you will have read and enjoyed Mark Townsend’s books. Mark, a former vicar with the Church of England, is a writer, celebrant and magician. He has spoken and performed all over the world, from Gothic Cathedrals to the African Savannah, entertaining such diverse groups as Catholic Nuns and Maasai Warriors. He was described by actor and comedian Ricky Gervais as ‘a funny, druid-like magical priest from a Tolkein novel’! Mark, a member of OBOD, blends his Christian faith with a Druid path, which has inspired some lovely books which include Jesus Through Pagan Eyes, Path of the Blue Raven, The Wizard’s Gift and The Magician’s Tale.

The Traitor’s Child is Mark’s debut novel and will be released on the 20th June. I include here some press about the book and a short trailer.

Research took Mark from the seedy streets of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, to the sun bleached medieval hill top town of Mojácar in Andalucía.

The story follows the journey of an abused Catholic orphan who, after a failed attempt to find her parents, ends up as a prostitute. It alternates between various time periods and locations, and draws upon the terrifying records of the Spanish Inquisition and the alternative history of the birth of Christianity.

Ancient heroes are made villains and vice versa and, as the narrative progresses, various threads come together to form a climax that promises to shake the very foundations of the Church.

What if the church had got their saviour completely wrong?
What if he had never wanted to found a new religion?
What if his closest followers were ALL traitors, except one?
And what if he never actually…


“The Next Da Vinci Code!” Essie Fox

“A real page turner. Exciting and unputdownable!” Barbara Erskine

“Exhilarating and provocative, this is one hell of a religious thriller.” Peter James

“The Traitor’s Child is a haunting and heart-breaking novel of betrayal and conspiracy, in which the roots of one family’s sordid secret burrow so deep beneath the pillars of the Church, they threaten to bring it crashing down. Gripping and thought-provoking to the end.”
Karen Maitland

Publication Date June 2020 – Roundfire Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-78904-375-4 $14.95 | £9.99 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-78904-376-1 $7.99 | £4.99 (e-book)

Mark can be contacted for interviews via