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The Tarot Chakra Journey: Work with the Chakras ~ Deepen your Knowledge of Tarot

February 22nd, 2023

I was delighted to work with Steve Hounsome on our Transformation Through Tarot Course. Given that students really enjoyed the material, we decided to offer a second course that explored working with Tarot and the Chakra system in tandem, with a view to enhancing knowledge of both of these wonderful esoteric systems as tools for deep personal transformation.

The course is multi-media, using video, audio and text, with specially created meditations with fabulous music from the Mind Orchestra. The course is presented in nine lessons released weekly, plus an extra bonus course with access to seven Tarot meditations. Students can ask questions about their work at any time during the course.

As with the Lessons in Magic and Transformation Though Tarot Course, Tarot Chakra Journey also includes membership of The Private Magicians’ Club – a wonderful online resource and community for the Magical spiritual seeker and Tarot enthusiast. In the warm and friendly atmosphere of the club, myself, Steve, Penny Billington and guests host live online sessions of meditation, exploration and discussion.

If you feel you would like to explore these two fascinating systems more deeply, click here for course fees, details and enrollment.

The Tarot Chakra Journey taught me so much about these esoteric arts, and even more about myself. I grew so much from this course. I started out knowing nothing about Chakras and very little about Tarot, and now I will continue to explore and learn more.  The handouts were informative, and the meditations and exercises were thought-provoking and enlightening. Philip Carr-Gomm and Steve Hounsome are knowledgeable, encouraging, and down-to-earth, from Steve’s helpful introductions, to Philip’s soothing meditations. I became much more focused on my life journey as a result of this course, and I will retake it again and again to test my progress. Also, I will use the bonus meditations again and again!” ~ Tracy R, Ohio, USA

2 Responses to “The Tarot Chakra Journey: Work with the Chakras ~ Deepen your Knowledge of Tarot”

  1. Would the tarot course be considered a prerequisite or could this be done independently (especially if previous work with tarot)?

    • Hi Cindy – it is ‘stand alone’ and can be followed independently of any other course or training. Hope that helps!

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