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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

The Story

June 28th, 2011

Here is a wonderful guest post from Mara Freeman…

The Story

 Once upon a time, two wise and loving parents gave birth to a family of children. They poured so much love and guidance into their intelligent, beautiful offspring, that they grew up to be remarkably clever children. At first, they lived in their parents’ home, in Nature, where all that love and wisdom was around them, and they were very happy. But after a while, they became so clever, they started to create their own homes and their own lives: houses, artifacts, tools, clothes, ideas, pictures, books.

At first, the children’s creations reflected their parents’ world, and all was harmonious. But after a few more millennia passed, the children grew more and more sophisticated and the worlds they created were different from their parents – very clever, but not particularly wise and loving, for you see, they were still only children, if big children at that. It was as if they had created a giant play-room full of wonderful, fascinating things, and they became so immersed in this world, they forgot about their parents altogether. They forgot that any world existed outside their playroom.

After a while, they began to miss the deep love and wise guidance they once had from their parents, but found that they had made the playroom so real, so big, so encompassing, that it was very difficult to get outside it to find their parents at all. Some of the children put together package tours to help them find their parents. They called them “religions.” If you signed up for the package, a tour guide promised to lead you to the lost world of your parents. Some package tours were good, and took you to a part of the playroom where you had a good view of your parents’ world, but they never quite managed to take anyone beyond. Other package tours were run by children who pretended they were the only ones who could take you there, and made you promise to follow all sorts of strange rules in order to take you to your lost home. Some said you mustn’t enjoy sex; others said you had to eat special things. Some even told the children who signed up that the reason they couldn’t find their parents was because they were bad children, and their parents were very angry with them, and so had gone away.

But after a while, many children began to believe there really was no world other than their play-room. After all, what evidence was there? They denounced the children leading the package tours for fraud, and proclaimed that only the playroom was the real world.
But by this time, the play-room was looking a sorry sight. The children were so unhappy! There was fighting every where, and many children got hurt and killed. Even when they were not fighting with each other, and they turned to each other for love – well, they were just too immature to know how to give it like their parents did, and they always felt something was missing, for how could kids love kids as deeply as their parents could?

A very few children did manage to find their way beyond their play-room to their parents’ home. But when they returned, either they were called “mystics” and considered strange and special; or else nobody believed them. And by the early 21st century, things had got so messy and nasty in the playroom, and the children were so restless and unhappy, that many children just gave up hoping for anything better. They had given up believing there was a home to return to. Seeing this state of affairs, the children’s parents, who had been waiting patiently for years for their children to return, began to take some action. They had been waiting for their children to return of their own accord, because they knew it was not good for older children to be rescued by their parents. For part of growing up was learning to choose for yourself. So very subtly, they appeared in the dreams of some of their children, or very softly, called their names. Mostly the children were too busy in the play-room to notice, but at odd times, like when they were sick or very down – or very happy – they heard a whisper, felt a caress, and knew.
It was time to go home.

                                                               THE BEGINNING

 Mara’s Blog ‘Of Star and Stone’ can be found here:

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