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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

The Shamanic Lands

May 19th, 2015

There is a fantastic event coming up in June in London called The Shamanic Lands organised by Davyd and Emma Farrell. Davyd and Emma were responsible for the wonderful Plant Consciousness conference that I took part in last year and I have no doubt that The Shamanic Lands will be another inspiring and thought-provoking couple of days. Here is a press release with details of the event and a link to purchase tickets. I also include a link to The Shamanic Lands Blog and an interesting article by David Farrell entitled The Magic Of Plants: Helping Us Rediscover Our Own Indigenous Shamanism 

OBOD member and author of The Druids Primer – Luke Eastwood will be one of an array of British and Irish wisdom keepers and shamans gathered together for a very special event this coming June.

The Shamanic Lands has been put together to showcase many of the various elements and traditions that survive to this day and indicate to us that we have our own very strong and important shamanic heritage.

Luke will be bringing all of his Druidic work and knowledge to the fore as he shows why looking to the ancient ways of the ancestors can be so important as he talks about ‘Reconnecting With Our Ancient Past To Build A Better Future’.

In many ways Luke’s presentation exemplifies the attitude of the organisers of this event – Davyd & Emma Farrell of Archetype Events who firmly believe that in this time of great change its important that we look to the old ways to find our reconnection to who we truly are.

By bringing those connections of the past into the present – we can anchor our links to the land, the ancestors, the trees and plants into our heart consciousness, and look at ways we can use that knowledge and strength of connection, to start bringing about a new way of living in harmony with our surroundings. In the same way that our Druidic ancestors did.

Attendees will learn:

– The importance of following the deer trods and how we can use that in the modern world

– Working with native plants through ceremonial plant diets

– How we can understand our shamanic experiences in the context of everyday life

– What role teacher plants have from other lands in our own consciousness evolution

– How to reconnect to our ancestors for deep healing in our own lives

– About the rich and varied history of our own shamanic past from Druidry to Paganism, Celtic Shamanism to Hedgewitchery and why this knowledge is important to us now in the modern world.

OBOD is officially endorsing this event. 

The Shamanic Lands will be a highly interactive 2-day event taking place on June 6th-7th at Conway Hall, London with the organisers promising to take the attendees on a deep journey to reconnect to The Shamanic Lands of Britain and Ireland but also connecting to our global brothers and sisters as well. Expect audience participation throughout the weekend with drum journeys, visualisations, meditations, energy work, live music, story telling, art and more.

Tickets are available at – www.theshamaniclands