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The relentless requirement to be good

October 15th, 2007

The trouble with trying to lead a so-called ‘spiritual life’ is that one can feel a kind of relentless requirement to be good all the time. Not only to be good but to do good.

As a corrective I have decided to introduce some wickedness into my life. Not the kind of fake evil that people pretend is wicked like eating cream or bacon when you’ve told yourself you’re a vegetarian. I mean the real stuff. I thought I’d begin at the deep end with something unavoidably immoral – blackmail.

I have told my oldest son that I won’t forward his post until he sends me an old family video that I’ve been asking him for for seven years. And it’s worked! It is apparently on its way.

How satisfying! I can feel myself looking around for the next utterly immoral project…

5 Responses to “The relentless requirement to be good”

  1. You call this blackmail!!! I might call it coercion or even zwang. But hardly immoral. I think you should get out more. As an evil role model you are pretty useless.

  2. Sorry Philip, have to agree with Jonathan here, pathetic attempt at blackmail, though I’m sure the outcome was most satisfying.

    On the plus side, now you’ve gotten a taste for it and this will perhaps improve your level of wickedness, watching several episodes of Garfield or Southpark might be of some assistence and you might want to consider loosing the curls, they make you look way too nice you know, doesn’t help with the act of blackmailing. 😉

  3. I’m sure there’s a lot to be learned from The Simpsons yes, how could I forget!

    Just out of curiousity, did you actually get the video, because it suddenly occurred to me that your son might have ‘said’ to have posted the infamous videotape, but did he send you a youtube-link where you could actually see him posting it I wonder???

    There is a small possibility you’ve been outsmarted you know *evil grin*

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