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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

The Ragged Kingdom

July 2nd, 2011

The Ragged Kingdom
An Installation by Jamie Reid

Isis Gallery at Londonewcastle Depot, 1-3 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7SL
July 2nd – July 30th 2011
Gallery open Noon-6pm 
Preview: Friday July 1st 6-9pm
Ye of the Plough, Ye of the Bower,
Ye of the Mill and Ye of the Tower,
Ye of the Way and Ye of the Tree,
Ye of the Stars and Ye of the Sea,
Rise Up to the Cry of the Commoners Storie,
Our Ragged Kingdom – a Kingdom of Glory!
Anon (Trad)
Jamie Reid is world renowned for his work with the Sex Pistols, but there is so much more than this. Reid’s collaboration on the Suburban Press (1971-1975) was an early coalescing of his political convictions and artistic intuition, and his output after the implosion of the Pistols extended his artistic drive through many genres – music, publishing, performance. After a long creative residency at the Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch he has, for the last ten years, immersed himself in a daily painting practice to explore and reveal the Aspects of the Eightfold Year (
Ragged Kingdom will manifest as a Peace Camp in our midst – a place to pow-wow. Eight custom-made tipis with magickal adornments will be drawn up into a protective circle with a ritual space at its axis. Tipis traditionally represent Shelter, Wonderment, Harmony, Peace, Beauty and Community. For Ragged Kingdom, each tipi will be a world in itself, internally representing eight aspects of Reid’s career to date – Suburban Press, The Cat Book, Sex Pistols, How To Become Invisible, Afrocelt/Visual Stress, Strongroom, a Festival of Sleeves and the Eightfold Year.
The exterior of Isis Gallery at Londonewcastle Depot will feature a giant montage of selected posters, glyphs and symbols by Jamie Reid.
Ragged Kingdom will be Jamie Reid’s first major installation in London since 1983. His work is currently on view at the LA Museum of Contemporary Art, BBCC Rio de Janeiro and the Pecci Foundation, Florence.
For further information, images and interviews
please contact Isis gallery / John Marchant 
Tel: 07906 275098 / Email:

One Response to “The Ragged Kingdom”

  1. To us of the Native American community, the tee-pee also represents the circle of life, the connectedness of all things, the foundation of being connected to the Earth Mother, and the equality of all who enter it as a home dwelling. It is a conduit between the Earth Mother and Sky Father through its open top with us at the heart between them. Let us know if you have any photos of his final installation. I would love to see them. Wado.
    Niyati Brown

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