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The Quantock Hills

February 13th, 2012

38 Degrees is a UK advocacy group that was instrumental in mobilising public protest against the government’s proposal to sell off the public forests. Here’s a message they have sent out today. Do sign the petition if you can. From 38 degrees
Almost exactly a year ago, 38 Degrees members finally managed to stop the terrible plan to sell off England’s woodlands. It was a huge victory for people power and over 500,000 of us played our part in it.

We’ve helped keep our national forests safe.  But beautiful wild places owned by local councils could still be under threat. We can work together to protect these precious places too.

38 Degrees members in Somerset have been in touch to ask for our help. Their council is trying to sell-off a local natural treasure, known as the Quantock Hills. If the sale goes ahead, a beautiful area of woodland and open countryside could be at risk.

A huge people-powered petition can make Somerset Council think again and safeguard the Quantock Hills for future generations. Add your name now – local 38 Degrees members will deliver the petition to the Council before they decide:

The Quantock Hills are beautiful. Famous English poets like Wordsworth and Coleridge have written about them. Rare plants and animals thrive there. Hundreds of thousands of people visit every year. If they’re sold, there’s every risk we’ll see fences going up and crucial habitats in danger.

If Somerset Council get away with this, other councils across the country could start trying to sell off local wildlife havens too. Stopping Somerset Council should help stop these kinds of sell-off schemes becoming a new national menace. So it makes sense for all of us who stood together to protect woodland owned by our national government to speak up against Somerset Council’s local sell-off plan.

Add your name now in time for the Somerset council meeting this week:

'A Youngster on the Quantocks' Photo by Mark Robinson

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