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The Power of Perfume: Tea with a Druid 61

February 18th, 2019

2 Responses to “The Power of Perfume: Tea with a Druid 61”

  1. Regarding the trying someone’s perfume debate, I’ve been thinking about this on and off since last night. My knee jerk reaction was a holier than thou ‘no definitely not’ – and yet I think it was quite charming how you did and subsequently it introduced you to a lovely new perfume that you enjoy which is a lovely thing to have done. Also if the chap didn’t want anyone touching it I’m sure he would have put it away – not left it out. So maybe I would be tempted in reality because it comes from a nice place of inquisitive child like interest and who can have anything against that !:) I hide mine away and never tell anyone what it is – it is one of my secrets – the mystery of not knowing what a scent is is very special I think – perfume should be mysterious – although if I happened to leave a bottle out and a ‘stranger’ tried it – it wouldn’t bother me. Like I said I think its quite a charming thing to do 🙂 Lovely subject – smell is so fascinating! Someone on Eggheads the other day was born with no sense of smell and I was gutted for him – imagine never smelling anything!!! As for favourite smells – I really like the smell of cowpats in fields – and rain on hot paving and the smell of wood burning when you’re out in the snow and that ozone spring morning smell that you don’t get very often anymore but is like a drug on the rare occasion it happens – it’s like childhood in a smell 🙂

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