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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

The Perfect Gift – The Opera Tarot

October 21st, 2018

The Wheel of Fortune by Linda Sutton from The Opera Tarot

Last year I wrote the book that accompanies a set of amazing Tarot paintings by Linda Sutton. The cards and book have now been published privately in a sumptious limited edition signed by the artist. Now that Christmas is on the horizon it’s the perfect gift – the box itself is beautiful with rose-gold leaf lettering and Tarot images on the inside. And the cards themselves are of really high quality, again with rose-gold leaf on the card edges and backs.

As Linda and I worked together on The Opera Tarot, I quickly realised how perfectly scenes from the opera can illuminate our lives. These scenes are often more colourful and dramatic than real life situations, and yet the underlying dynamics remain the same – driven by our need for love, our fear of betrayal, our search for security and meaning in a world often so difficult to negotiate.

An opera is life lived on full volume – with all the intensity and colour the composer and librettist can muster. And although for the most part our lives are thankfully less intense, there can indeed be moments which seem almost operatic in their sense of high drama and passion. Being able to be fully engaged with our lives, but also at the same time mindful and at some level disinterested or detached from the apparent drama occurring around us, is a skill taught by mystics, and it is a skill I hope working with this deck can encourage.

If you collect Tarot decks, love opera, or are simply looking for a very unusual and beautiful gift for a friend, you can learn more about The Opera Tarot and order it here.