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" The world is mud-luscious

and puddle-wonderful "


The Path of the Seeker

August 22nd, 2017

Nuinn’s wood – a photo taken by my aunt about 70 years ago

There’s more to this!
The mystic lifts a hand and describes an arc in the air.
The detective leans forward and displays the evidence.
The press fall silent as the scientist announces a discovery.
Your friend in the world of politics confides in you.
You lie on the couch, and as you recount the dream, you remember a scene you had forgotten, and that – in its turn – evokes a memory from childhood.
The limiting container of certainty – your beliefs about how the world works, about who you are, what your purpose in life might be, about your reasons for behaving, feeling, thinking, the way you do – tips for a moment and spills its contents into the dream of your world…
And you are left at once both liberated and unsettled. “But I thought I understood! I thought life was this way, my life was this way!”

This is a good path. A path of uncertainty, of questioning, of not-knowing, of seeking. Of losing the path and wondering if it ever existed in the first place…

Of opening to the Mystery, the strangeness, the wonder of it all…

3 Responses to “The Path of the Seeker”

  1. Infinite possibilities on the Path to remember the infinite Being that we are …wonderflight uncertainty indeed …

  2. Magical and incredibly inspired, Philip! “Of opening to the Mystery, the strangeness, the wonder of it all…” The Great Spirit of Dakota men? I suddenly had three associations – with Lao Tzu, with the Handdara cult of not-knowing ( “The left hand of the darkness” by Ursula Le Guinn), and the teaching of Don Huan – Karlos Kastaneda :“The miracle of being a man and the horror of being a man” ! The True Path…

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