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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

The Museum of Witchcraft

March 10th, 2008

I’ve just come back from attending the Pagan Federation’s Southwest conference in Cornwall. After a splendid day of talks, and then entertainment in the evening from the inimitable Damh the Bard, I finally got to visit the Museum of Witchcraft at Boscastle. I had expected it to be rather tacky, but found that it is really well worth visiting. The flooding of 2004 brought a  tide of water and mud into the museum, and the tide mark is shown: it must be at about 5 feet. Graham King, who runs the museum now, explained how they spent weeks sifting through mud to rescue the exhibits. The result is that the museum now has a fresh, welcoming atmosphere, and achieves the goal of conveying to the visitor the rich heritage of magic that exists in these islands.  And the archives upstairs are a dream come true for anyone who is interested in the serious study of magic.

I now need to work strenuously on not immediately planning two years away from work to spend time in the archives at Boscastle while studying esotericism and magic at Exeter University. Oh for more time!

2 Responses to “The Museum of Witchcraft”

  1. I managed to get to the museum before the floods came – I had originally wondered what the museum would be like (I was thinking a smaller version of the London Dungeons!)
    However, what was there was a very comprehensive collection and display of the elements of witchcraft that anyone who follows a Wiccan path could readily identify with – plus the one or two curios that seemed to sit at odds with the anti-witchcraft laws that existed at the time.

    I’d certainly echo your thoughts on this fascinating museum Philip – it is well worth the visit.

  2. How come when I was looking for a suitable Degree course, stuff like this wasn’t available!

    I had to do a boring old MA with a spot of Theology and Philosophy thrown in for my spiritual enlightenment.
    And it was hard enough explaining to potential employers at interview why my Degree subjects were so…..unusual. Imagine their faces when someone pops up with this one 😉

    Mind you – I don’t suppose anyone who gets on this course wants to end up working with BP or Pfizer 😀

    If only I were younger and lived within commuting distance of Exeter……


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