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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

The Inner Dormouse and the Socialite

December 9th, 2019

2 Responses to “The Inner Dormouse and the Socialite”

  1. Thank You Philip. Loved the magickal meditation. I felt myself transported to the Druid Grove, and could feel the hands I held (energy flowing around the circle, from our hearts). I could hear the Awen being chanted. And I’m always “moved” by the simple, yet profoundly Heartfelt Sacred Vow we share at the end of the ceremonies. I find that I enjoy both the Doormouse time (especially in winter), And the Socialite time, in equal amounts. And because of my work, I sometimes need more quiet, alone time to balance out the social, active, giving/supporting/guiding energy of my job.

    I feel that an “In Person” therapy session can offer so much. An energy of “relationship” between the Client & Therapist is created, which can be dynamic, powerful, healing and effective. Indeed, the Relationship itself, is part of the Therapy. In Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions, I have always felt a “Part of” the Client’s process, going on the Journey of Healing & Transformation With them. There is a third energy or “Beingness” that is Created by both of us together, that is more than each of us alone. Plus both of our Spiritual Guides are present.

    I find that It is the same in Relationships. You have each person (on all levels of being) alone at first, & then a ‘coming together,’ to create a New energy & Beingness, that is beyond and different from each one by themselves. In group ceremony, we also create a whole New Being of energy that consists of everyone in the circle and their Guides, the Beings of Place, Gaia, etc. It all merges, and is transformed into something new, as the group creates magick & alchemy.

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