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The Influence of Parents & the Magic of Language

January 20th, 2020

2 Responses to “The Influence of Parents & the Magic of Language”

  1. Only got to listen to this on Friday. Thank you so much Philip- this reading awakened my inner senses, brought to life a memory I did not have- I felt I was there. But it also reminded me of one memory that was mine: my parents were somewhat bohemian and ordered a Morris Dance fertility ritual for our small farm when I was a child. It turned out the dancers were all accountants and solicitors during the week. Their dance was so good it made all the women guests present uncomfortable(!) and it was only at the very end my father remembered he’d forgotten to put the ram out the week before after all. So perhaps the energy went instead to the bees!

  2. Well, that was fun! Lol… Thanks! I really enjoyed the puppet show & sitting back & being read to. For many years I was an educator of young children, & was the one doing the puppetry & storytelling. It’s nice to be on the receiving side. 🙂

    I much prefer Jungian to Freudian psychology, especially for women. But I also saw how it can affect men. When I was a young Therapist @ an outpatient center in Venice CA, I was surprised (& a little shocked) at some of the ideas/practices that the Director (a Freudian Therapist) wanted me to use with my clients. Instead, I used nutritional & dietary healing, herbal medicine, NLP, hypnotherapy, counseling, regular exercise, & massage therapy, and the patients got well.

    I saw how Freudian diagnoses, theories, & practices, previously used, actually confused, depressed, & stressed their clients more. I inherited their 3 most challenging patients, because no one could help them. Each new Therapist got them, and they were told to Repeat the same outdated therapies that didn’t work. They expected me to do the same. As we know, repeating the exact same behaviors again & again & expecting different results, is the “Real crazy making.” I chose to follow my own intuition & path of healing, & it paid off for my clients.

    Yes, we can say thanks to Freud for the awareness that our childhood does affect our adulthood. And we know that clearing childhood traumas, beliefs, fears, etc. is extremely important, in order to have a healthy, balanced life. I have found Goddessence & Alchemical Hypnotherapy (& a few others) to have safe, efficient, wise, knowledgeable, & effective tools & practices for inner child clearing & healing.
    Blessings to All, for a healthy, happy, journey in life… /|\

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