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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

The Golden Mean in Healing – Sacred Nature Meditations

August 6th, 2011

Last year the publisher of my books in Germany asked me to create a set of healing meditations that he wanted to present as a double CD album with a small book. A few years ago he had commissioned ‘Wild Wisdom Meditations’ which was a 2 CD set combined with a booklet of nature photographs, and since this had been a success he was keen to work on another project.

One night a few months later I was woken at 4am with a voice booming in my head  (no ‘still, small voice’ this!) saying ‘Use the Golden Mean in your healing meditations.’ I knew very little about the Golden Mean – just that it was a proportion used by architects in ancient Greece – so I began researching it. Very quickly I discovered that it is an extraordinary principle that is deeply embedded in Nature.  The Golden Mean, or Golden Ratio as it is also called, is 1:1.618,  and it is found in the human body, in DNA, in the spirals of shells, the geometry of crystals and the veins of leaves. It can be found in brain wave cycles, in our skeletons, and in the branching of our veins and nerves. Expressed by the Greek letter Phi, and intimately connected with the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, the Golden Mean has been used for centuries by artists, sculptors, architects, and composers to produce aesthetically pleasing and harmonious creations. By using the Golden Mean their work conforms to one of Nature’s most significant underlying principles and embodies Divine Proportion.

If we could somehow incorporate the Golden Mean in the meditation CDs that would be marvellous – it would mean that they were created using this same key principle that seems to underpin much of the natural world. Over the next year I began exploring the potential in this idea, and gradually a group of us formed to create ‘Sacred Nature – Meditations of Health & Healing with the Golden Mean’, which is now available to download online in an English edition from i-tunes, and will be available as a CD set in a German edition in October.

Two of the meditations focus on drawing in energy and healing from the natural world of plants, earth and sun, and two concentrate on the restorative power found in deep rest and sleep. Over the next few blog posts I will introduce each of the four meditations and tell their stories: how they were created and how we worked with the Golden Mean, the team who produced them, and the sources we turned to for inspiration.

In the meantime, you might like to hear samples or download the album from CD baby or i-tunes or Amazon.

And here is a selection of samples from all four tracks:

15 Responses to “The Golden Mean in Healing – Sacred Nature Meditations”

  1. Are the meditations available in CD format as my laptop does not seem to like downloads, usually showing it’s dislike by crashing magnificently and losing all my data. I’ve looked on Amazon but there is nothing showing.
    Bright Blessings,

    • Hi Chelle,

      It seems to only be available on Amazon UK at the moment, but it is available worldwide from i-tunes and CD Baby.
      Unfortunately we haven’t produced a hard copy to mail as a CD because of production costs. I’m sorry your laptop doesn’t like downloads! Maybe you can persuade a friend to download it and burn off a copy for you!
      Bright Blessings,

  2. What an incredible album..have bought it straight away..thank you

  3. HI Philip
    I did some work on golden spiral for the musical instruments that I was given to make in a meditation. Like a harp they have open strings, like a Clarsach they use metal strings. unlike any other instrument their strings are inside. Sound samples on front page of this site:
    the Golden spiral work i did was to discover how to unroll them without losing the Phi ratio. i began this work becasue i suspected that the remarkable acoustic properties of the instruments arose from phi patterns.
    I am happy to share the findings with you if you are interested. i think they are slightly distinct to the excellent research in Theodore Andrea Cook’s book, The Curves of Life which you porbably know.

    • Dear Tobias,
      Thank you so much! I have just come across your work and will be in touch – and will post one of your videos up in the blog. What wonderful work you do!

  4. I heard you and Damh the Bard discussing this new album on Druidcast, and I downloaded it as soon as I finished the podcast! I am recovering from PTSD and have a lot of trouble sleeping (or going back to sleep when I inevitably wake in the middle of the night). This was exactly what I needed – bless you and all who participated in the making of it. Your daughter’s voice is so lovely, and the young man who recites the Scottish lullaby makes me smile every time, as does Damh’s deep, deep Awen chant. As for you … well, there was a Druidcast episode quite some time ago in which one of your lectures from the seasonal gatherings was rebroadcast. At the start, you had people stand – those from in town, those from nearby, those further and further away … and then you invited those who are no longer with us to stand as well. I sat there, tears glistening in my eyes, because even though this was just a recording, I could *feel the magic*, I felt like I was there, standing with all the others, joining in the mystery of connection. You demonstrate the amazing power of the spoken word and you use your gift to bring healing and peace to others.
    Bless you for all you do,
    A healing listener in Alberta

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