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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

The God Tree

August 27th, 2012

Here’s some info about a new book by Janis Fry, The God Tree researched by Allen Meredith and recently published by Capall Bann:

Janis Fry takes us back to a time before the coming of Christ when most cultures recognised the ‘God Tree’, the Tree of Life and were in communication with it. Some cults such as that of Mithras, even imbibed the sap of the Yew in ceremonies not unlike the Christian Eucharist which replaced them. However, the Yew enabled those who partook of its blood, to enter an altered state and parallel reality where it was possible to understand and experience certain truths of our existence. As we journey through the mysteries revealed in the God Tree, we are enabled to enter a state of mind more or less lost to most modern humans living in a different time and environment and disconnected from the true knowledge of the source of all life.

‘The God Tree’ reinstates the importance of the legendary World Tree or Tree of Life in the past history of most cultures. These trees have been seen in our times as purely symbolic but gradually the reader is led to the understanding that the Tree is a real tree which is still here. Significantly, ancient cultures saw the Yew as the Otherworld Tree which appears to act as a Door to Otherworlds and dimensions. To enter such places is not without danger and is not to be attempted  without extreme caution. particularly if partaking of Yew substances. Those who wish to understand something of the realms which underpin our daily lives will find just reading ‘The God Tree’ to be an extraordinary experience.But those who wish, as the authors hope they will, to take further steps in the return to what once was, will find here the very clues, symbols and information necessary to begin that journey back to the awesome understanding where there are no words, the gnosis, in the rebuilding of instincts and senses, still held by animals but largely lost by us. These are sorely needed today for our survival.

2 Responses to “The God Tree”

  1. The tree is a psychopump, the roots are the mouth, continuing to develop its network until the water source, sometimes 30 meters under the surface. It also symbolizes the source of the tradition which is in the past, present and future because the roots continues to developp in the future . That is suggesting druidic spirituality belongs to the future as well. The chain has never been broken. Tree is the hair of the earth goddess.
    The irish yew is the door of the other word, both toxic and able to cure cancert… Able to grow on poor land, it can last very long
    Fraternellement sous le frene de Picardie

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