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The Druids have eaten all the toast

November 30th, 2015

800px-Franztheubertoast2I remember running an OBOD retreat in Devon one year. We were sharing the facility with Rupert Sheldrake who was running his own retreat. His children were there one breakfast, and in a room of about 40 people guzzling breakfast I heard Rupert saying to his son: “No you can’t have any more. The Druids have eaten all the toast.”
A friend recommended this video to me and it’s a wonderful example of Rupert’s style – relaxed, witty, and ranging over all sorts of subjects but holding on to one theme: his feeling that we are on the brink of an enormous paradigm change. There’s some great footage of a psychic dog, we hear his views on the value of ritual and prayer, that the sun actually thinks, that the idea that sacred sites are gateways between Heaven and Earth is literally true  – with his insight into why the lightning struck oak is significant in Druidry (with a wonderful photo of an oak being struck. It’s at about 28mins 40 secs in). If you’re up for an hour of fascinating and entertaining ideas then here you go:

3 Responses to “The Druids have eaten all the toast”

  1. A fascinating lecture (as always) Phillip. Sheldrake certainly knows how to ‘hold’ an audience – even when the technology went pear-shaped! Thank you for sharing this with us

  2. Thank you for this – it´s very inspiring and helpful! Hope, his son get´s some toast since then 😉

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