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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

The Druid Shaman

March 17th, 2014

druid_shaman_coverHere is a review by Sharon Zak of a lovely book written by OBOD member Danu Forest entitled ‘The Druid Shaman: Exploring the Celtic Otherworld’ – out now on Moon Books in their Shamanic Pathways series. I have recently endorsed Danu’s next publication ‘Celtic Tree Magic’ (Llewellyn); she writes about Druid spirituality and practice in a deeply insightful and accessible way which makes both books well worth a read!

What an enchanting read! This little book resonates with the
profoundly insightful teachings of Druidry and Shamanism all woven
together with wisdom and sensitivity by Danu Forest. The book
represents a starting point, it takes you on a journey, leading you
confidently to a magical doorway and then, like a loving mother, it
encourages you to take your first tentative steps.  In reading this,
feeling it, you can be confident in the knowledge that Danu has gifted
you the wisdom to stand your ground.

Danu offers exercises to help you prepare yourself and to meet your
allies. Those who will accompany you as you travel onwards through and
between the veils. She offers supportive guidance that you can choose
to follow, or not, while she reminds you that it’s entirely your
choice. Expertly researched, The Druid Shaman helps the reader to
align with the cycles of the land infused with energies upon which you
can draw.  And while she urges curiosity she reminds us to talk always
with honour and respect.

Danu introduces us to the tools of the shaman trade before leading us
on an introductory tour of the three realms.  Abred, the Middleworld,
where the indwelling spirits are found and then to visit the
Underworld and Upperworld, each with their own extraordinary gifts,
tantalisingly close, ready for the novice shaman to connect with. I’d
recommend this book for people taking their first steps since the
platform is solid, it is beautifully written and Danu has shared her
experience with love and deep respect.

The Druid Shaman is available here

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  1. Thanks for the review. This book looks fascinating and I’ve just ordered it.

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