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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

The Dancing Floor

October 1st, 2015

Lyn Webster Wilde is a film maker who lives in the beautiful Black Mountains in Wales. The landscape, its magic and myths have inspired her to create a film, The Dancing Floor. The film is a work in progress and Lyn has put together a Crowdfunding page to raise funds. Lyn explains,

The Dancing Floor is about Sita, half Welsh and half Indian who inherits an old house when her uncle dies and with it a riddle, to find what is lost.  Her uncle was active in the old tradition, in particular the ‘Children of Don’ from the Mabinogion. She is not keen intitially, having some terrifying memories from childhood.’

You can support this beautiful and atmospheric film, and also learn more about it and its creator Lyn on her Crowdfunding page.   I include the pitch video below but a short ‘pilot’ version of the feature film Lyn wants to make can be found on the Crowdfunding site. Lyn also has a lovely Blog that explores the inspiration for the film.

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  1. Thank you so much, Philip! I suspect the three American ladies who donated in the night were down to your posting. Big hug from a sunny and smiling Wales this morning.

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