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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

The Chapel and the Sacred Grove

October 1st, 2019

                                                                             Red Shaman by RoMa Johnson

Tea with a Druid 93 features my guest the artist and poet RoMa Johnson. To read her poems you hear in this session click here.

6 Responses to “The Chapel and the Sacred Grove”

  1. Thank you, so wonderful, these poems and the meditation. I also love RoMa’s art work that’s shown: Red Shaman–and wonder if RoMa has a website or blog with more of her art?

  2. Great tea with a Druid philip. And a matter close to my heart. I have similarly wrestled with the challenge of blending druidry and Christianity. It took me about 18months to find the solution. What I established in my own mind is that druidry and Christianity are simply different lenses of looking at the divine. I now take the view that most of the teachings in the Bible are simply metaphors. So let’s take an example. Hell in Christianity is the law of harvest or karma in druidry. Heaven and the other world are just different labels for the same thing. I always struggled with the Christian explanation of why some people end up suffering so much in life, and as a result tend to favor the Druid explanation through reincarnation. The end result is a Christian Druid synthesis, which makes perfect sense to me. I can pray to the Lord, meet him in the sacred grove, speak to my goddess and others too with out any doubts now. It seems there is no jealousy in the other world. It’s a blending of the two that ticks the boxes for me, in a way that neither one alone can do. And it’s taught me a key lesson. Everyone has a path that’s right for them and neither two are the same! Many blessings.

    • Hi! Good to read… and yes I think your analogy of the two lenses is a good one. Binocular vision is always better than monocular! 🙂

  3. It’s lovely to see the Sacred Well (of the Goddess) shared by Both. 🙂 Druidry, Dianic & Neopaganism, (and Paganism in general), has many deep connections with water for healing/cleansing/divining. The stories of Ceridwen’s Cauldron & Taliesin’s experiences with water, has shining threads of the Goddess Realm, sewn throughout the pools, rivers, oceans, lakes. The largest Cauldon of GAIA, is the ocean. Mermaids & other magical creatures are from Her realms. Avalon was surrounded by water, & The Lady of The Lake shares the Blessings & attributes of the Divine Feminine. The Salmon of Wisdom swims in the sacred pool…

    All “Pre-Christian focused” Women’s rituals & gatherings I’ve attended, gave special attention to water, & to being Blessed by the Goddess in Her Realm. Most have partly been IN the water (ocean, lake, river, or pond), under a full moon. Water & Fire are especially celebrated @ Imbolc, with Brighid & Her Sacred Well. Earth, Air, Fire & Water have been respected, valued & celebrated by indigenous cultures up to the present. Native Americans understand that “Water is Life.” We see also how Christians have carried on the practice of blessing, initiating, etc. by water, in their own way too…This was a nice way to Blend the Well’s Blessings…

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