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The Bard’s Call

January 26th, 2018

I am sharing here a video of a beautiful song written by musician, songwriter and OBOD member Philippa Anne Reed. Philippa explains here how the song came into being and you can read her wonderful lyrics too:

In 2017 I became a Bard through the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids, following just over a year’s study at the Bardic Grade. My Bardic art is music and songwriting, so for my final piece, I wrote ‘The Bard’s Call’. I wanted to try and encapsulate what I felt had been my journey through  the course – how I was drawn to the Bard’s path, and what I felt it is giving and unveiling to me as a calling. The images in this video include my own photographs taken during my studies. Places of transition, awakening and inspiration.

The Bard’s Call

Oh hear the call
Of a tale to enthral
To join an ancient line
Holding hands across all time

In a star-lit grove
Hides a treasure trove
And deep within the earth
Lies a seed about to birth…

Your song; your sweetest song
As the blackbird sings at dawn
On the air your chorus born
On the season’s wheel

The unseen made real
And the rhythm of the dance
Set alight in every heart
The circle and the square

Is the path laid bare
From the cauldron to the weir
The invitation draws you near…

To you; the heart of you
And the gifts bestowed to share
From the salmon, hawk, and hare
The Awen pure and fair

Well there is no end
To this tale I lend From Taliesin’s hand
Woven deep within this land
So I, take a bow

From my radiant brow
And as I pluck a silver thread
A golden path I tread…

To more; to evermore
The shining shore
The open duir…

Words & Music copyright Philippa Anne Reed-Songs from the Psaltery 2017. Vocals & Bowed Psaltery performed by Philippa Anne Reed. Recorded and Produced by Philippa Anne Reed November 2017.

3 Responses to “The Bard’s Call”

  1. That was absolutely Beautiful! I was joyfully reminded of my own adventures in the OBOD Bardic Grade. I am inspired to get out my instruments to play & sing right now. :-). Thank you for sharing that lovely experience.

  2. Philippa, This is so beautiful–the music, the lyrics, and the images! What a wonderful tribute to your Bardic training! Thank you for sharing with us. Many, many blessings, Nancy

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