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Nick Vujicic on Happiness and Falling Down

October 4th, 2009

2 Responses to “Nick Vujicic on Happiness and Falling Down”

  1. An extraordinary man! And a powerful mythic symbol of falling down as the ‘way’ to discover who you are and your own inner strength / spirit etc.

    I’ve always believed that it is in the falling from the so called ”ladder of perfection’ – rather than in the climbing of it – that we meet ture grace and grace divinity.


  2. Such an inspiring man! I find people’s capacity for strength and resilience in the face of such extreme challenges incredibly moving – had me reaching for the tissues. It is not just the surviving that touches me but the thriving that is so heartening. How wonderful that he obviously gets so much out of helping others to find their way out of their own dark places and moments – very humbling.

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