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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

Tasting Druidry

January 15th, 2011

Last year we asked ourselves the question: Would it be possible to capture on film some of the magic that we experience as members of a Druid group? I wasn’t sure we could do it, but an old friend and film-maker, Kevin Redpath, came along to our summer solstice celebration in Glastonbury and then to our Lughnasadh camp near the White Horse in July, and he has created an 8 minute film that I think really does capture the essence of what we are about. Have a look and see what you think! A big thank you to Kevin and all those who participated in the film – it makes me feel so proud to be associated with such fantastic people! We’ll be putting up a Vimeo version of this on soon, meanwhile here’s the Youtube version:

6 Responses to “Tasting Druidry”

  1. Great video, Philip, especially for those of us practicing as solitary druids far away from the UK who often do not see elements of druid community in this way.


  2. Dear Phillip,
    This a a beautiful video with a very powerful call to the mysteries of Druidry. Having recently completed my Ovate grade in OBOD, I can truly say that the order has transformed my life in more ways than I can count. I really connected with the message offered by Matt McCabe in this video here. I live in the urban center of Chicago and often celebrate the Sabbaths with a small circle of friends in our apartment or on our terrace. While the setting may not dance with the magic of the ancient stone circles shown here (how beautiful that must be to have access to these monuments) Druidry is alive in the city as well as in the countryside. I take my union with the Order to my volunteer activities at one of the world’s largest cageless, no-kill animal shelters for homeless cats and dogs. There I allow the spirit of the Good Mother and the inspiration of the Great Father to help me connect the souls of these animals to new caregivers looking to add some furry love to their homes. The powers of Earth, sea and sky are in our souls and we have the power to heal the land even in the shadows of a bustling metropolis. As you ponder additional programs, I’d like to offer a thought that one focused on the urban Druid may have appeal to those of us who are surrounded by megaliths of steel and glass versus stone and oak. It may seem an unlikely venue to practice our spirituality, but I can attest that the need for our healing energy is no greater than in our cities.

    Thank you for all of your work and love.

    Bennath golow a’tir, mor ha’ebrenn,


  3. beautifull, what has Druidry done for you? I cannot answer this question because Druidry was always with me, I am what Druidry has done for me even before I was able aware of Druidry.
    I am a copilation of beliefs that have been ingrained in me in the cellular since time began. So what has Druidry done for me…everything I am. Thank you Philip.

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