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The Druid Way

Tarot Therapy Deck

June 27th, 2015

The Tarot Therapy Deck Front CoverHaving helped to create a Tarot deck, I am always interested to see how others approach the job, and I’ve spent many hours poring over dozens of different deck designs – either at the home of friends in the Netherlands who run a Tarot institute, or in those wonderful four volumes of Stuart Kaplan’s Tarot Encyclopaedia.

Recently I came across a deck that takes a unique approach that makes a lot of sense – especially to a Druid! It is Steve Hounsome’s Tarot Therapy Deck, which is based on the idea that the Tarot can be used as a therapeutic tool, and that each card conveys an energy or stimulates a certain energy or quality. From this premise, Steve has brought his love of Nature to bear (he’s a Druid and a mentor in OBOD) and each card depicts a scene from Nature that illustrates the quality or energy he believes that arcanum is conveying. Below are two cards to give you an idea. The deck you order directly from Steve’s website, which gives plenty of support if you want to work with his ideas. The book can be ordered from him or from Amazon, and through its 437 pages it also offers plenty of encouragement to start using his deck, combining the forces of Nature with the power of the Tarot to effect transformation and healing.

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One Response to “Tarot Therapy Deck”

  1. Thank you Philip, as well as all of you who have responded to the blog. It’s so good to know people are interested in the deck. Tarot offers so mnay different viewpoints and aproaches and this is the first of what I hope will be other decks I create, but I’ve more to write about this one first!

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