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Tarot Chakra Journey

November 4th, 2022

Illustrations from The Opera Tarot by Linda Sutton and Philip Carr-Gomm

Over the last year, Steve Hounsome and I, along with the Mind Orchestra, have created an online course to explore how working with the Tarot can help you learn about and develop your chakra system.

The course, called The Tarot Chakra Journey uses video, audio and text to take you on a journey through your chakras –  while also helping you deepen your knowledge of the Tarot. Here’s what one student says about the course:

“This is a wonderful course, well structured and full of richness and depth. As a newcomer to Tarot, I found the way Steve and Philip linked the Chakra system to the Tarot through exercises and meditation deeply stimulating and made my introduction to Tarot so much easier. The meditations were clear and the handout instructions full of information that helped me gain insights and support in the challenges and changes going on for me. I will be going over the course again as I am sure repeating the experience will reveal more layers of insight as one moves through it and takes time to savour each unfolding it reveals.”  Rijusiddha, Norfolk, UK

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