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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


Talking Through Trees

June 30th, 2017

My friend Angela Lemaire is a very talented printmaker and painter. She creates stunning woodcuts. My book Cosmiel’s Gift is illustrated with her beautiful images.

Angela’s latest book Talking Though Trees is a collaboration with author Edward Picton-Turbervill and The Old Style Press and includes 32 of her woodcuts printed directly from the blocks. Angela told me a little about this wonderful project:

This book is about the trees in the Backs, St John’s College, Cambridge. It was written when the author Edward was an undergraduate and organ scholar at St John’s College. It is a wonderful exploration of the trees around St John’s College, revealing their importance to a young undergraduate as he entwined the role of organ scholar and music student with his emerging passion to engage with the environment and its preservation.  

There is a main edition of 140 copies numbered and signed by the artist and author, and a Special edition is hand coloured and is limited to 10 copies. The woodcuts and text tell the story of particular trees, of nature, of our understanding of the wider world.

Details for this fine press book are on and Angela’s website can be found here.

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