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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

Stone Age Technology Used to Communicate with Future Generations

April 20th, 2011

Spent last night in Lewes Town Hall. It was packed – about 200 people. A great event that marked the launch of the UK’s first community-owned solar power station. One small step that will hopefully lead to a lot more bigger ones…

A few extraordinary facts from the presentations:

On March 22nd this year in Germany solar power put more energy into their grid than did their nuclear power stations.

The UK is building what is set to become the world’s largest offshore wind generation system in the world. (Any pride at this fact is offset by the news that the UK currently only generates 3% of its power through renewables).

The UK spends…..wait for it….80 billion pounds a year on storing nuclear waste.

Norman Baker, MP for Lewes and the government’s transport minister, told of how he visited NIREX who are in charge of this disposal. When they showed him the deep shafts where they were putting the horrid stuff, he asked them how people in 500 years time would know what was in the concrete boxes they were depositing there. What if civilizations had come and gone, Ice Ages and heaven knows what? “Ah we’ve thought of that!” They exclaimed cheerfully. “We’re going to carve messages in great blocks of stone so they can last forever.”

Maybe we should send NIREX some messages carved in stone…

3 Responses to “Stone Age Technology Used to Communicate with Future Generations”

  1. The mind just boggles doesn’t it! It makes me wonder just how desperate the solution makers are, that they can settle on these sorts of things as the best choice. I just can’t believe that they do it without first going very deeply into alternatives. Everything comes down to scale, and the scale of humanity is just too large now for sane solutions, is what I think. Grasshoppers having our one good summer, the lot of us!

    • hmm.. i have a slightly different take to bronzewing, yes there huge amounts of people on this earth and we certainly could do with less, however there is also a huge amount of greed on this earth, everything is sold to us using a scarcity mentality, which creates need where it is not, and wasting of resources where there shouldn’t be, (for example power usage). so if we are able to teach out various communities that they do not actually need to have so much stuff, and that repair is a good option etc etc, the issues of scale of to many people changes to a more manageable level..

      err.. yeah did that make any sense?
      *ponders this*

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