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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


Start From Where You Are: Tea with a Druid 43

October 1st, 2018

Photo:Bob Fuhro

I usually try to come up with a topic for these tea sessions on Monday morning. I take a walk or go for a swim, and at some point a topic emerges which feels right for our exploration later in the day.¬† I was out walking this morning amongst the autumn trees and I had a moment of panic. Everything was so beautiful, the sunlight on the golden leaves, my mind was clear, empty in fact, and nothing came to me. There’s nothing to talk about! Or so I thought! But straight away another thought came, and it was one which has been so helpful to me over the years, I knew I had to share it with you. It is deceptively simple: “Start with where you are.” And you can see, of course, that that is what I have done now.

I first came across this idea in Psychotherapy training, but quickly realised it could be applied in many contexts. It works in the spiritual life, and from a meditative or Mindfulness perspective it is spot on. Your awareness doesn’t need to go anywhere – all it needs to do is just come back to itself – the Here and Now. From a Druidic perspective it is calling us to appreciate and be present to the world, our life, as it is now, freed from the hungry consuming heart that always wants more.
Working with this idea helps in social situations too. You know that pressure to be interesting or entertaining? Our mind is often strategising – trying to make an impression or conquer feelings of inadequacy. Calmly telling yourself just to start from where you are, can really help.
Of course we need to plan, have intentions, and work towards goals, but all that needs to be balanced with just Being, with just opening to the magic of the moment, and this idea can help us foster our trust in our ability to be spontaneous.
The reason I find it so powerful is it strikes at the heart of a problem I’ve had for years. It’s a common one, I think: that the grass is greener somewhere else. So I’ve spent much of my life striving to be other than where I am. Not just geographically, but I think perhaps in every sense. Curiosity and ambition have been powerful drivers. Only spiritual practice, or those moments of grace when all feels just right with our world, or intensely emotional times, like when my children were born, have succeeded in keeping my mind still. Otherwise the lure of new horizons has always been so strong. But now that feeling of not wanting to be elsewhere, which was only cured through meditation, seems to have left me. I want to start – and finish – from where I am, rather than from where I wish I was.

In the conversation today we look at how this thought can be helpful when giving a talk or workshop, and when playing with children. (More on that principle applied to being with children here).

5 Responses to “Start From Where You Are: Tea with a Druid 43”

  1. Sometimes. I feel much better when focusing on the present moment. Getting into my zone.

  2. Thank you for this meditation. Grounding has been on my mind lately and this is a great way to start learning how to just enjoy being in the moment.

  3. I am also curiosity driven, always moving on to the next thing. But in the last few weeks I have come to the point where I don’t know what the next thing is, and I am finding it quite uncomfortable, but I have come to the realisation that I just need to be here for a while, so this week’s topic was very timely for me. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for this !
    That was the thing with Dibs- awesome read and insight yet with a lack of description of the method- thank you for your, Rachel and Meg’s contribution!
    Just Reading Alice Miller’s son’s book- ‘The True “Drama of the Gifted Child” ‘- would love to chat with you about that!

  5. Hello Phillip, I so enjoy your Tea with a Druid sessions. They feel like lovely visits with a gentle meditation for good measure. Today’s or rather Monday’s “starting where we are” was particularly insightful for me now. I am guiding a workshop soon and this information and the meditation gave me clarity around how to start off. Thank you so much!

    Oh and I’m unable, for some technical reason, to catch your live video feeds anymore but yes, I too have had the desire to be elsewhere for a good part of my life. My nickname has been Gypsee and I am afraid I have lived up to it.

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