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Spring Equinox

March 22nd, 2009

What a beautiful Spring Equinox it has been! Blossom everywhere. Just in our small region of East Sussex I know of three celebrations this weekend: Peter Owen Jones, vicar of Firle, who presented the recent BBC series ‘Around the World in 80 Faiths’ invited his congregation and friends to greet the dawn on Firle Beacon to the accompaniment of bagpipes and prayers. Down on the tump or Mount at Lewes at the same time a group of Druids and friends welcomed the equinox with blasts on the replica Sussex dord and with music from Dirk Campbell, who wrote in the email reminder note for the event: ‘I will bring along and perform on an ancient Egyptian double-pipe, newly-reconstructed from drawings and descriptions by Sir J. Gardner Wilkinson in his book The Life and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, first published in 1830. There are strong connections between Druidry and Ancient Egypt, including veneration of the creative power of the Sun. At this point in the year the Sun’s influence is strongly felt, as he moves into his power and the world of growing things opens up in response. The season when things are experienced freshly and immediately, the year’s early days vivid as a child’.

And across the valley on Sunday the Anderida Druid Gorsedd held their equinox ceremony beneath the gaze of the Long Man, resorting to ‘The Giant’s Rest’ afterwards, voted ‘The Most Druid-Friendly Pub in Sussex.’ If these celebrations are happening in just one corner of the country, imagine how it must be throughout the land!

Here is a photograph of equinox sunlight falling on  the backstone of the chamber inside Cairn T at Loughcrew in Ireland. See

Spring Equinox

2 Responses to “Spring Equinox”

  1. Yes, it has been very beautiful. Our little ceremony in the woods was joined by some very noisy and playful red squirrels, who chased each other throughout the entire thing – which was lovely; they seemed to be articulating the feeling of this time of year so perfectly. Yes, it is a very warming thought that so many others in their own little corner of the country were celebrating this wonderful time of renewal too.

    Here on the Island there is also a group of Druids who celebrate each of the festivals at the Long Stone – this is the remains of a neolithic long barrow, the remaining two entrance stones looking more like standing stones these days. It’s a beautiful and atmospheric place.

    How interesting to hear about Peter Owen Jones! I have just finished catching up with ‘Around the World in 80 Faiths’ – really enjoyed them (although must admit found the animal sacrifice stuff extremely hard to watch – actually, had to shut my eyes through those bits!) and it was nice to see him end up at the Long Man too. Great to think he was up on Firle Beacon seeing in the Soltice Sun. I think it was Mark who mentioned how much he admired P O W’s willingness to let other faiths and beliefs enrich his own – it’s heartening.

    I bet the Tump event was lovely (essay on the links between Druidry and Ancient Egypt in the pipeline? Honestly, I am not a slave driver!!).

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