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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

Spontaneity vs Planning – in our Social, Creative & Spiritual Lives

February 12th, 2019

5 Responses to “Spontaneity vs Planning – in our Social, Creative & Spiritual Lives”

  1. Dance is very structured but flair and interpretation are spontaneous. To spontaneously dance is always based on structure. Interesting talk. Thanks.

  2. It was great to hear your comment about writing a book. I’d toyed with the idea of writing a book for years and last year I finally started it. What I’ve noticed was that I can’t force myself to write, if I try that I just sit staring at the screen. I find that suddenly, out of the blue, I’ll get another flow of inspiration, whether it’s out on my bike, sat in traffic on my way to work, or first thing in the morning I’ll get a quit blast of story that I can add to my book. I remember that kernel of creativity and by the time I’m back at my laptop it’s grown into another magical paragraph, a chapter or sometimes it’s simply a few sentences, but, all the same it’s added something to my story.

  3. As a musician with a background in jazz, I was immediately thinking of improvisation. There are a few musicians that try to be completely spontaneous, but most start with a song, and the chord structure gives the structure for the solos. Even a simple structure such as a 12 bar blues gives a million possibilities.

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