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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

Spelman in Freudian Slip

February 13th, 2011

Compare these two very short clips – what a difference both in quality and style – let alone content!

First 51 seconds of Mary Creagh, Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment speaking for the Labour Party in Britain, which is opposed to selling our public forests:

The website for the Labour Campaign against the sell-off and its petition that she mentioned is:

Now thrill to the 72 second video of Caroline Spelman Secretary of State for the Environment for the current Condem government:

Notice the ‘Freudian slip’ she makes: “What we are going to do is open up our woodlands and forests”. Hang on, I thought a public consultation was under way. Shouldn’t she have said ‘What we would like to do’ or ‘what we are proposing to do’ ?

I am writing to Ms Spelman to ask her if this was just a slip of the tongue or whether the consultation is just a PR exercise.

Notice another gaffe: the real reason for dumping all the public forest on the market Spelman reveals is because the Forestry Commission is both the regulator and a major supplier and this ‘simply can’t continue’! Why not? It has continued for a long time already, why is it suddenly such an issue? When the country is faced with so many pressing issues, why has this got to be dealt with in such a drastic way all of a sudden? And if it really does need to be separated, why can’t you just create a separate regulator? Just shove a few people in a room with a telephone and tell them they’re the regulators. Come on, it doesn’t wash!

PS Notice how ‘adding comments’ has been disabled on Spelman’s video but not on Creagh’s. I wonder why?

5 Responses to “Spelman in Freudian Slip”

  1. Makes you wonder who will benefit from this. When we find out, we’ll likely discover they have been in secret meetings with the government for months.

    It is good that the druids are becoming more politically involved. Makes a refreshing change from the dictats for party politics and phoney democracy where, once in power, the elected government follows a completely different agenda of things no one actually voted for.

  2. Thank you Chris. Yes the Druids in recent history (ie the Revival period onwards) have a good record in being involved in radical politics. And most people don’t know that it was thanks to a Druid that cremation is now legal in the UK and that it was a druid who successfully challenged Thatcher’s draconian changes to the Public Order Act.

  3. Regardless of whatever our political “leaders” might “promise”, I can’t trust them as far as I could spit them. There were endless promises before and shortly after the election about how this would be the greenest government ever, these turned out to be lies, promises of a better standard of life for everyone, that turned out to be lies. I doubt very much that this is, as you say, anything more than a PR stunt. It would be pleasant to be proven wrong.

  4. Fight The Public Bodies Bill! – There is still time to write to the lords and ask them to drop the forestry clauses from the Bill – keep OUR forests owned by the public, and run by the forestry commission.

    Leave our forests and the British success story that is the FC alone Spelman!

    List of lords here –

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