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Sovereignty and Responsibility

December 23rd, 2016

A fascinating talk by OBOD Druid Jonathan Woolley and Witch Fio Santika Akheron on the subject of Sovereignty and Responsibility from a Druidic and Witchcraft perspective.

2 Responses to “Sovereignty and Responsibility”

  1. This conversation is so very aligned to the ideas behind the series of books: Right Use of Will, received by Ceanne de Rohan, with which I have worked for many years. The spiral brings everything true closer and closer…

  2. …worth considering the idea of evolving Gods too. Perhaps Yaweh reflects our fallibility? Perhaps we reflect HisHers?…perhaps on a spiritual/emotional level Yahweh’s denial of the fruit of the knowledge of duality was based on His fear, which may have shifted since then…why do we frame a perfect stagnant deity? Who says God has always known what to do?

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