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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

Sovereign Earth ~ Putting Heart back into the Earth

July 9th, 2019

JJ Middleway

My friend and OBOD member JJ Middleway performs and facilitates beautiful group chants; JJ describes these as ‘a western form of sacred singing. Re-imagining and re-energising the songlines of our lands through the magic of shared sound, coupled with the healing of the charged silence which follows.’ JJ hosted one of these sessions at the OBOD Gathering and it was a powerful and moving experience. I am delighted that he has started a wonderful series of live sessions via Facebook, entitled SOVEREIGN – EARTH. You can catch these every Tuesday at 8pm UK time where you will enjoy 20 minutes of Song, Silence & reflection. JJ explains here a little more about the Sovereign Earth:

Sovereign Earth – Putting Heart back into the Earth: A form of Devotional Druidry.

There was a time when all beliefs , though different in name, held the earth as sacred. Her solar consort was revered and honoured too: The Divine Sun; the heat of our heartbeat, the seat of our Soul.

My vision is that all belief systems and creeds now come to refocus on the Mother, Sovereign-Earth, since she is the source of our wellbeing and we are each called upon to be the sorcerers of our time, reimagining and rekindling our deepest respect, love and understanding of the Earth.

Sovereign Earth is song, reflection, prayer and silence, combining to create a contemplative community of all faiths and none; dedicated to restoring an appreciation and honouring of the Earth – at the Heart of all we are and all we do.

This is intended as an antidote to the often challenging nature of our times. A restorative spiritual practice offering a heart base from which to revive and restore ourselves along with our communities and culture.

I have been leading a western form of devotional chanting for about a decade now. Its natural progression is into this format and form – providing restorative sustenance as nurture for the soul.

“In healing ourselves we heal the Land. In healing the Land we heal ourselves”.

Here is one proven and very effective way of enabling that.
You are most welcome to join in Tuesdays at 8pm. Twenty minute sessions. 

The Enchanting the Void Facebook page can be found here and JJ’s website, with an example of his chants, can be found here. 

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