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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

Soul Companions

September 23rd, 2008

I’ve just returned from a weekend drenched in sunshine and new experiences – at the Soul Companions gathering in Stackpole Pembrokeshire. Years ago OBOD helped to initiate a project at Stackpole – a group of members lived in benders the woods there, with the blessing of the National Trust. They helped by coppicing and lived the simple life. One of the group had a baby in the woods.

Years later here we were – a motley collection of presenters each with our specialties. From L to R the photo shows ‘Crystal Skull explorers’ Joshua Shapiro and Blue Arrow Rainbow from the USA, Billie Dean film-maker and animal psychic from Australia, Psychic Surgeon Gary Mannion (sporting the provocative T-shirt message ‘Trust Me – I’m not a Doctor’) Celtic expert Geo Trevarthen from Scotland, organiser and Orb explorer Karen Pereczes, Cunningman Andras Corban-Arthen from the USA, and me at the end. Psychic Anne Hassett from Ireland wasn’t there for the photo, but was a presenter too.

One of the problems if you give a lot of talks and workshop is that you don’t take the time to experience other peoples’ work. This weekend we all got to take part in each other’s presentations, and the result was very heart-warming and educational. Any thoughts I had about ‘New Age flakiness’ disappeared pretty quickly once we all got talking!

And the Autumn Equinox ceremony beside St Govan’s chapel on the rocky coastline was simply stunning!

Thank you to everyone involved!