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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

Snowdonia Folk Tales

October 23rd, 2015

eric's bookEric Maddern is the creator of the beautiful eco – retreat centre Cae Mabon. Set in a stunning location in Snowdonia, it has been described as the ‘Welsh Shangri-La’ and any of you who have been blessed to spend time there will appreciate why.

Not only has Eric gifted the world with this wonderful sanctuary, he is also a captivating storyteller, writer and  singer, travelling the world to share tales of myth and magic. OBOD are delighted to have him as an honorary Bard of the Order. Having written a series of wonderful children’s books, he latest offering is a collection of myths, legends and  folktales entitled Snowdonia Folk Tales:

The old kingdom of Gwynedd –the mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia), Ynys Mon (Anglesey) and Llyn Penisula – may be the most mythic landscape in Britain. The ancient Druids dwelt here and from it sprang the tales of Blessed Bran who protected the land, wizards who made the Woman of Flowers, and Merlin the dragon whisperer whose prophecy echoes still. The poet Taliesin walked these hills, Welsh bards told stories of Arthur by these hearths and saints made pilgrimages along these paths. From these hidden nooks the Tylwyth Teg (Fair Folk) emerged to tease the people, and through these mountain passes rode Llywelyn the Great and Owain Glyndwr, living lives that would be spun into legend…Storyteller and singer Eric Maddern has gathered these old tales here and breathed fresh life into them.

Eric Maddern

Eric Maddern

Snowdonia Folk Tales, with great illustrations from Sue Mynall, is now available on the History Press and can be bought from Eric’s website or Amazon.

2 Responses to “Snowdonia Folk Tales”

  1. This looks great – I ordered it.

    Say I just got back from the World Parliament of Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah , USA. It was the first time for pagans to be there and, as one Muslim woman said, it rocked the parliament. I met piles of Wiccans but no other Druids. Maybe I missed them but I sure hope we all turn up at the next PoWR. It was stunning all around and the indigenous and pagan folks made a big impact on conversations about the earth and climate change….

  2. This looks like a must buy for me. Thanks for highlighting it, love the look of Cae Mabon, next time I head home to Wales I’ll be looking to stay there for sure.

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